Jiva Coffee Cubes




Why Jiva?

All you need in a single cube.

100% Colombian Coffee, raw cane sugar, organic flavor extracts, and NOTHING ELSE!

Simplest way to make a great cup of coffee.

No grinding beans and no machines. Just drop a cube in hot water, stir, and enjoy.

Lightweight, and compact.

Each cube weighs only 8 grams. Throw some in your backpack, purse, pocket or whatever else for great coffee anywhere, anytime.

Fair trade, organic, all natural.

No chemicals, artificial flavors, or additives.

Save time.

No prep. No cleanup.

Milk is not needed.

Organic flavors that taste so good you won’t want to use milk.

Avoid unclean coffee makers.

If not properly cleaned, they can make your coffee taste bad or worse make you sick.

Never bitter. Always smooth.

Our coffee is shade grown and our beans hand picked with fragrant chocolate and fruity tones. It’s low acidity and smooth medium body makes it perfect as your everyday cup.



“Coffee in Cubes- Instant Colombian Coffee sweetened with Panela brown sugar”


Let’s talk a little bit about Panela!

What is this stuff?