Tea Drops, Organic, Pressed Tea Drops.

Ditch the tea bag and hassle of loose leaf tea with these dissolvable, organic, pressed tea drops. With just hot (boiling water), these organic morsels of finely sourced tea, sugar, and aromatic spices melt in perfect harmony to create a blissful tea blend that can be enjoyed any time, anywhere. Tea Drops are perfect for the tea lover, busy professionals, and even those on the go who are interested in a healthy, convenient tea beverage. Tea and spices are sourced from around the world.

Tea Drop organic tea leaves are carefully harvested from tea estates across the globe, including India, China and Sri Lanka. We artfully blend fresh and organic spices to create truly unique tea creations. Lastly, we blend organic, earth-derived sugar to lightly sweeten this incredible tea experience.

Tea Drops are not instant tea. Instant tea is derived from extracting tea from processed leaves, and then drying the concentrate to a powder form by freeze drying. Tea Drops on the other hand, are produced with genuine tea leaves that are delicately grinded. Nothing freeze dried, no extraction process, just delicious and genuine tea.

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