Mission Koffee  Coffee GO Cubes Black
Mission Koffee  Coffee GO Cubes Black
Mission Koffee  GO Coffee Cubes Black
GO Coffee Cubes Black

GO Coffee Cubes - Vanilla

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Coffee that Fits into your life.

Skip the lines, machines and avoid the mess. Get on with your day! Coffee was never this fast or pleasing or tasty or anything.

We now making a cup of coffee can be time-consuming, difficult and inconvenient. Our Coffee Cubes captures the taste and aroma of world renowned Colombian Arabica beans to create a gourmet cup of instant coffee anytime, anywhere.  Our Coffee Cubes start with origin specific coffee, grown 4,500+ feet above sea level. Then slightly sweetened with panela. Vanilla Cubes highlighted by flavour of French Vanilla ( Vanilla Cubes Only).


Panela is unbleached cane sugar that is minimally processed. Many of the nutrients found in sugarcane end up in a thick dark liquid called molasses. Unlike white sugar, the molasses is left in the Panela giving it a darker brown colour and a mild, caramel-like flavour that compliments the smooth tones of Columbian coffee. We heard nutrients are good for you so we thought why not!

Ingredients: Granulated 100% Colombian Coffee, Panela (Raw, Unrefined Cane Sugar), Vanilla Cubes: Organic Vanilla Extract.

  • Black coffee cubes are bound with Non-Sweet Panela (Raw Cane Sugar).
  • Each individual wrapped cube is Kosher, Vegan, Gluten Free, Non GMO, and Ethically Sourced

We Deliver Australia –wide! Please allow 2-5 business days for your order to arrive.

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